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A Spark of Chesed
A Spark of Chesed

What started as a simple request for ice cream has spiraled into continuing a family legacy and ultimately creating a community Circle of Chesed. In 2013, Jack Gindi A”H spent a significant amount of time in New York Cornell Hospital undergoing treatments. He did not have much of an appetite; therefore when he requested ice […]

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Chesed Grows Larger at Memorial Sloan Kettering
Chesed Grows Larger at Memorial Sloan Kettering

On November 29th, Chesed 24/7 and Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital formally opened the Pauline and Maurice R. Cohen Chesed 24/7 Hospitality Room, located next to the pastoral care department. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held, attended by Rabbi Shulim and Mrs. Chavy Greenberg, representing Chesed 24/7 of New Square, Cynthia McCollum, Senior Vice President of […]

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Those who see the work of Chesed 24/7 are amazed by the remarkable picture of altruism that represents Chesed.

To fully comprehend what Chesed 24/7 means to the people who utilize our programs, you only have to observe first hand how the distressed faces of the sick, the elderly and disabled, as well as their family members, light up upon receiving our help. It is impossible to describe the overflowing emotions of gratitude and relief felt by thousands of Chesed 24/7’s beneficiaries on a daily basis.

“I didn’t know the members of Chesed 24/7 and they didn’t know me.  But, they took care of my needs as if I was a very close family member, and now I really am.”


“Thank you for the fridge, the microwaves, and hot water urns, the sefarim, the newspapers, the couches, the dining chairs. It was really like a small piece of home in a cold sterile place.”


“My father was recovering from a difficult illness when my sister gave birth to her first son. We were able to lift his spirits and give him nachas by arranging a bris in the chesed room at which my father was the sandak.”


“I just cannot express my appreciation for your wonderful Chesed Rooms. Whenever we go, we can always count on a very well stocked refrigerator and cabinets. This time we were also able to enjoy the library of books. Your kindness goes a long way and probably heals just as much as medicine.”


“Aside from the physical and tangible benefits of the room, the knowledge that others care is touching. To me, it is a reminder and a symbol the all Jews are connected to one.”


“This room is an absolute lifesaver — from the couch to the food to the sefarim. I know that I can count on it being here. Your room is a light in the darkness.”


“You truly fulfill all three mitzvahs – Bikur Cholim, Hachnosas Orchim and Gemilas Chasadim.”


“I found myself unexpectedly alone after my son went into major emergency surgery feeling lost an empty. Someone pointed me to the Chesed Room where I met an angel who was there for a baby in a coma. Although he didn’t plan it, this angel was also there for me. These rooms are a gift – a source of comfort for those who need it during a time of pain.”


“Our son unexpectedly had to go to the hospital and be admitted on Shabbos. The Chesed Room saved us – there was grape juice for Kiddush, fresh challahs, a white tablecloth, hot Shabbos food was available, there was even fresh coffee, and my husband was able to sleep on the recliner in the room.”


“In the midst of the tumult and sadness that is present in every corner of the hospital, the Chesed room was an oasis of serenity and relaxation.”


“When my granddaughter slept, I came down to the Chesed Room to recharge emotionally and physically. The spotless room, the delicious food, the piping hot coffee was heartwarming. Your books were the real lifesaver. What would I have done those endless hours just sitting and watching the clock if not for the books.”


“Knowing that I had a way of coming and going to treatments really made it so much easier.”


“Just drinking the 4 oz container of fresh pomegranate juice for 3 weeks lifted my blood count from 7.9 to 11.2. And, it made a big difference in boosting my strength. All by making one phone call, it was delivered to my door.”