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A Spark of Chesed
A Spark of Chesed

What started as a simple request for ice cream has spiraled into continuing a family legacy and ultimately creating a community Circle of Chesed. In 2013, Jack Gindi A”H spent a significant amount of time in New York Cornell Hospital undergoing treatments. He did not have much of an appetite; therefore when he requested ice […]

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Chesed Grows Larger at Memorial Sloan Kettering
Chesed Grows Larger at Memorial Sloan Kettering

On November 29th, Chesed 24/7 and Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital formally opened the Pauline and Maurice R. Cohen Chesed 24/7 Hospitality Room, located next to the pastoral care department. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held, attended by Rabbi Shulim and Mrs. Chavy Greenberg, representing Chesed 24/7 of New Square, Cynthia McCollum, Senior Vice President of […]

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SHARE 24/7

Assisting Individuals with Special Needs & their Families
SHARE 24/7, a division of Chesed 24/7, provides comprehensive care and advocacy for individuals with developmental disablities and their families. SHARE 24/7 combines skilled professionals, devoted staff members and selfless volunteers, who are all committed to helping individuals with special needs achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment to the utmost of their individual abilities.

Day Habilitation
Day HabilitationSHARE 24/7’s Day Habilitation program focuses on the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of each of our attendants. Recognizing each person’s individual strengths, SHARE 24/7 creates individualized programs geared to help each individual live and work in their community with dignity and with the greatest degree of independence and normalcy possible. Our Day Hab program enhances each individual’s lives not only through meaningful activities and programs, but also through social interaction and programs. SHARE 24/7’s Day Hab program has touched so many lives for the good that it has built up an impressive reputation and tripled in size the past year.
Community Habilitation
Residential Habilitation Chesed 24/7’s Res Hab Services offers an individualized approach to helping people wth developmental disabilities increase their independent living skills and community involvement. The Res Hab supervisor works with the team to develop an individualized plan designed to help achieve personal goals. A direct care worker is sent to the home to provide one-on -one training to enhance independent living skills, such as personal care, preparing meals and other household tasks, health and personal safety, and community living. Direct care workers also help the individual more fully integrate into the community by shopping, attending outings, simchas, shuirim and other community functions.
RespiteSHARE 24/7’s respite programs give the families of children with special needs a much needed break to recharge themselves, concentrate on the other members of the family or just take time for themselves. SHARE’s respite program provides fun and safe activities giving the parent the opportunity to relax without worrying about their child. SHARE 24/7 hosts Shabbatons 2 times a month separately for boys as well as girls. SHARE 24/7 also hosts sleep over parties mid week filled with fun activities with these children’s friends. SHARE also provides overnight respite to allow the parents to go away for a night to attend a simcha or have a mini vacation.
Family Reimbursement
Family ReimbursementSHARE 24/7’s Family Reimbursement fund provides small grants for families of special children who need to purchase goods or services such as adaptive toys, respite or babysitting services, and medical or dental bills that are not covered by insurance. Eligibility is not based on family income.
Sunday Respite
Sunday Respite A weekly recreation program operates on Sundays and legal holidays with the purpose of providing respite to family members caring for special children. The programs are designed to stimulate growth in fine and gross motor skills and promote peer interaction. Music, exercise, art projects and social play help make the program the people’s favorite.
PALS (Physical Fitness)
PALSPhysical Fitness and Leisure Time Services help special needs individuals form lasting friendships and provide physical fitness opportunities to combat a lonely, sedentary lifestyle.
Weekend Retreat
Weekend RetreatEvery year on Labor Day Weekend, children and adults with special needs and their families are treated to a spectacular weekend vacation in the Catskills, complete with excellent food, encouraging lectures and carefully chosen entertainment.
Summer Camps Respite
Summer Camps RespiteThis program operates twice a year during the transition weeks between school programs and summer plans. The camp provides exciting activities and trips on Mondays through Fridays. Nutritious lunches and refreshments are served.
Group Home
Group HomeIndividualized Residential Alternatives offer an attractive alternative to living at home. When caring for the special needs family members becomes overwhelming, group residences provide a protective environment, access to day programs and a compatible peer group that becomes second family. SHARE 24/7 has one beautiful IRA group home for six high-functioning young women with disabilities. The girls, who consider each other as sisters, live each moment to the fullest, under the expert care of a devoted staff. Due to the phenomenal success of this project, SHARE would like to develop additional facilities in the future.
Night of the Stars
Night of the StarsJust because an individual has special needs does not mean they were not given innate talents and abilities. SHARE 24/7 decided to bring forth each child’s special talents and abilities with regard to performing arts and put on a performance before family, friends, and the entire community of Monsey. Seeing the beaming faces of each of these girls as they sang, danced and acted before a packed house was like witnessing a twinkling star in the sky. SHARE 24/7 hopes to produce another Night of the Stars evening allowing our special girls the opportunity to shine as the stars they truly are.
Medicaid Service Coordinator (“MSC”)
Medicaid Service CoordinatorSHARE 24/7’s qualified service coordinators develop customized plans to help each individual with special needs gain access to necessary services and supports.
Employment Services
Employment ServicesSHARE 24/7 provides guided employment opportunities for consumers who have outgrown school programs. Included in these services are training, coaching and job placement.
TRACS (Transportation)
TRACSTransportation to Recreational Activities and Community Supports provides individuals with physical disabilities and/or special needs with access to extracurricular activities, helping them improve their quality of life. They can enjoy swimming, computer classes, exercise classes, part-time employment, simchas, horseback riding, and much more.