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A Spark of Chesed
A Spark of Chesed

What started as a simple request for ice cream has spiraled into continuing a family legacy and ultimately creating a community Circle of Chesed. In 2013, Jack Gindi A”H spent a significant amount of time in New York Cornell Hospital undergoing treatments. He did not have much of an appetite; therefore when he requested ice […]

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Chesed Grows Larger at Memorial Sloan Kettering
Chesed Grows Larger at Memorial Sloan Kettering

On November 29th, Chesed 24/7 and Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital formally opened the Pauline and Maurice R. Cohen Chesed 24/7 Hospitality Room, located next to the pastoral care department. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held, attended by Rabbi Shulim and Mrs. Chavy Greenberg, representing Chesed 24/7 of New Square, Cynthia McCollum, Senior Vice President of […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where exactly are the hospital rooms and how do I get into them?  Do you charge a fee?

A.  Click here to see a list of all of Chesed 24/7’s Hospitality Rooms.

Some of the rooms are always open, while others will have a Shabbos lock on the front door with a code in Hebrew. Chesed 24/7 does not charge a fee for the use of the Chesed Rooms or for any of the items in the room. Everything there is specifically prepared to make your stay in the hospital as easy and burden free as possible. Please enjoy everything inside.

Q.  I want to bring my own food to the hospital.  Can I store it in the Chesed 24/7 Room and use the microwaves to warm it up?

A.  Yes.  The rooms are available to be used for this purpose. In each room there is a refrigerator and two microwaves, dairy and meat. We do, however, request that everyone label their food items with a date before placing them in the refrigerator so that we can discard food items that are well past their prime. In addition, there is a Shabbos warmer that will keep food hot. You can place your food inside the warmer before Shabbos or you can use Chesed 24/7’s food.

Q. Can I sleep in these Chesed Rooms?

A.  Most Chesed Rooms have a reclining chair and/or a comfortable couch that you can use to nap in or relax in during the day.  While you are welcome to sleep in them during the evening hours as well, there are many other chesed organizations that provide Bikur Cholim apartments in the vicinity of each hospital.  We would be happy to put you in contact with these Bikur Cholim apartments if you would like to sleep in a more comfortable bed.

Q. Who makes the food for these Chesed Rooms and how does it get there?

A.  A large majority of the food is prepared by volunteers from the community of New Square which upholds the highest levels of kashrus.  Many of the food is also purchased from kosher food companies.  All the food is carefully packaged and delivered to each room by our devoted Chesed 24/7 volunteers.

Q. I saw a thermos of chicken soup from another organization in the Chesed Room.  How did that get there?

A.  We work in tandem with many other chesed organizations.  Our end goal is to help as many people as we can.  We are proud that Chesed 24/7’s Chesed Hospitality Rooms can be used by other organizations as a vehicle to help people.  We welcome support from and enjoy working with these other chesed organizations to help the community together.

Q. I thought these Chesed Rooms were run by Chesed of New Square.

A.  Chesed of New Square has changed its name to Chesed 24/7 to reflect the fact that we do Chesed everyday at all hours.  Chesed 24/7 was founded in New Square and we take pride in the fact that we have been able to take the warm and loving nature of this community and spread it out it to the community at large.  Any of Chesed 24/7’s services are available to anyone – regardless of their religious level or affiliation.  In fact, Chesed 24/7 services individuals from all walks of life throughout the entire United States and Canada.

Q: I live in Brooklyn and just had a baby.  Will Chesed 24/7 be able to send me meals at home while I recuperate?

A.  While we would love to send meals to anyone who requests, at this time we are unfortunately only able to accommodate requests for meals delivered to homes within Rockland County.  We are able, however to send meals to patients and/or their families in many of the hospitals in the Tri State area.  Fortunately, there are many other chesed organizations that can send meals to your home.  If you would like us to connect you to any of these other wonderful organizations, please feel free to call our offices.

Q. Is there a charge for the meals?

A.  No. All meals sent to a patient or their family in the hospital is delivered free of charge.   These meals are prepared by volunteers from the New Square community and imbued with warmth, love and the highest level of kashrus.

Q. When does the van to Manhattan run and what if I miss those times?

A.  The van makes two runs daily, leaving New Square at 10:00 am and Northern Metropolitan Bus Shelter at 10:20 am and again from New Square at 6:00 pm and 6:15 pm.  The van will return to Rockland County, leaving Cornell Hospital at 1:20 pm and Columbia Hospital at 2:00 pm.  For all other hospitals, please call the driver at 845-304-1072.  The second van will run leaving Cornell Hospital at 8:30 pm and Columbia Hospital at 9:00 pm.  For all other hospital times, as well as additional locations, please call the driver at 845-304-1072.

If you need transportation at times other than this, please call our office.  We have a team of volunteers that are on call to find rides with other people who may be traveling to or through Manhattan and can take you to your destination any time of the day or night.